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2nd Grade Mrs. Johnson

About Me

Johnson_Jamie204.JPGYears teaching-15

Years at St. Mary’s School-15

Education-Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from the University of Wyoming

The best thing about being a teacher is seeing the satisfaction and excitement a child experiences when they learn something new. It’s a wonderful feeling watching them grow both academically and as a person. I also love getting to know all of them.

I love working at St. Mary’s School because I truly feel that we are nourishing our students spiritually and have a great family atmosphere. We care so much about each of our students and work really hard to help them be the best that they can be!

Math-The curriculum we use is called Progress in Mathematics. We supplement our math program with a web program called Mathletics. It helps reinforce what we are learning in class. We also focus on math facts, starting timed tests second semester.

Language Arts-The curriculum for Reading, Spelling and Writing is called Reading Street. It's a wonderful program that does an excellent job of integrating subjects.

Science-We focus on the following subjects: Space, Animals and Human Body. We add some other topics as they come up and the students each have a physical science experiement that they "teach" to their classmates once a week.

Social Studies-we really focus on geography in second grade. We study a map a week.

Religion-The curriculum we use for Religion is published by Loyola Press. We spend a lot of time preparing for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

Something to get excited about!

We have several fun field trips in second grade. Some of the most exciting trips are: the Planetarium at UW for our space unit, the State Museum for our animal unit, and the Old West Museum which ties into a story that we read in the spring.

We try to serve our community every year. Some of the service projects we have done in the past are donating items to Home Away from Home and collecting mittens for the poor during Christmas.

We do several presenations througout the year. The students get very excited to share their hard work with their family and improve on public speaking skills too!

We prepare for two sacraments in second grade; First Reconciliation and First Communion. These are both wonderful celebrations for our students and always very special